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This PGFA online home study course This is a  “GPA” certification that includes educational manual which  consists of every aspect of golf-specific strength & conditioning you need to know to evaluate and train golfers to maximize their Performance DNA™.  

This online home study course has been developed to educate the health and wellness industry and Golf Professionals on the principles of working in the golf fitness industry. Whether you work in the Golf industry, fitness industry or the healthcare field, The PGFA “GPA” Certification will increase your personal or facilities Revenue and your clients Performance DNA™.  Receive the pride and recognition of being a PGFA Instructor. Many of our members work on tours around the world and are recognized golf fitness professionals.

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The PGFA Online Home Study Golf Performance Associate Certification (GPA) includes

The Course Materials include:
• Study course educational manual consists of every aspect of golf-specific strength & conditioning
• Assessment Forms
• Final Exam Testing

• Individual  Brain typing Test

• One year Membership  

•Upon successful completion of the exam a PGFA “GPA” Certificate suitable for framing.

PGFA Home Study  Golf Performance Associate Certification (GPA) & Study Material  

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Celebrating 29 Years
Online Home study Golf Fitness Certification?
Golf is the fastest-growing participant sport in the world. The golf and fitness industry increasingly demands more semi-private and cost-effective instruction. The benefits of the PGFA Golf Fitness program has a proven record at the highest level of the sport…i.e., PGA TOUR professionals. Added distance off the tee, increased power behind the ball, more consistency through 18 holes, a higher level of stamina for the finishing holes and increase in overall fitness!
The PGFA can show you how to take an area as small as 6"x 6" and turn it into a profitable space! Golfers are accustomed to working with their teaching professionals on a 1:1 ratio or in teaching clinics with a 1:3 ratio or slightly higher. As you can see below, our instructors are reporting income as high as $72 per hour. The 1:1 ratio minimum is determined by adding 20% to your normal one-to-one charges because this is a sports-specific and unique program. See example below:
Market Income (some markets are higher):
(Average training hour: $60 + 20%)
$72 per session for a 1:1 ratio (instructor/client)
Let's say you teach 20 sessions per week. Based on the market figures, that's an income of $1,440 per week. In your first year you could potentially add $74,880 to your bottom line!