Custom Fit Your Body and Swing™

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The Golf Performance series of seminars are designed for those are genuinely serious about improving their understanding of the performance aspects of golf and their bodies. Using our PGFA Wellness Golf Coaches to demonstrate and designed a Performance Lifestyle System™ for our attendees.

Whether you are a personal trainer looking to expand your knowledge, a high school golf coach looking to boost your team to the next level, or a weekend golfer keen to shift your game and body into the next gear.

This informative and motivating presentation will answer all your doubts and questions.

· What are the components that make today’s best players so good?

· How can they be incorporated into your busy schedule?

· I’m a fair player, in reasonable shape, and workout 2 – 3 a week, there can’t be any more I need to know than what I read in magazines!

· How do I know where to start?

· How do I train when I spend all week on the road?


The United States Golf Fitness Association and The Professional Golf Fitness Association is an organization whose members are as passionate and dedicated to golf and fitness as they are to helping you. Our motto is “Live, Look, Feel and Play Better”.

This informative 90-minute presentation will cover the following topics:

· Prioritising your workout time

· Identifying physical disabilities before they become injuries

· Matching your swing and workout to your body type

· Which equipment is best suited to your game

· Strength + flexibility + cardio fitness in around 60 – 90 minutes a week