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New  San Diego performance center is creating a new paradigm for teaching and performance in the game of golf, through the most comprehensive approach in the industry.  Larry Castro has spent 30 plus years developing the system and realized that we must prepare our bodies through a dynamic performance activation that allows us to get the best results in learning and playing.  Many of the trainers you may recognize on tour and in the Media have gone through PGFA training .  Founder Larry Castro is considered a true pioneer, visionary  and motivational coach in the industry.  About Larry Castro, click here.

This center is an exclusive private location where he works with celebrities, touring pros, athletes, college athletes, amateurs and junior athletes.  Amateurs and any level can work one on one with Larry Castro with him in a private setting. Larry Castro has had tremendous success with junior golfers and many have achieved great success. From high school championships, college scholarships, tour pros and club champions.  View New PGFA Center Website