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USGFA membership has grown to over 1,000 strong and has successfully certified 143 PGFA trainers. Two new staff members have recently joined an already impressive roster of USGFA/PGFA professionals. Currently the Director of PGA National, Randy Myers has accepted the position of Vice-President of Education. Dr. Jean Jacque Rivet, a proponent of many cutting edge protocols and Biomechanics head for the European PGA Tour, becomes the new Director of Biomechanics. Dr. Rivet joins other notable speakers that include Dr. Gideon Ariel, Gary Wise, and Doctor Vanderweghe. Several new corporate sponsors have onboard including Kintera, Conformable and LPG Systems.


Created the United States Golf Fitness Institute, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting junior golf fitness and education.


Introduction of the Professional Golf Fitness Association (PGFA) Certification Programs United States Golf Fitness Association Opened at "In The Zone" Golf Gyms at Shilley Sports Center at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California. United States Golf Fitness Association Academy opened at Hyatt Newporter, Newport Beach, California. United States Golf Fitness Association Academy opened at Hong Kong International Golf and Yacht Club. Introduction of the PGFA American Medical Golf Association Advisory Board. Members include T. J. Izzo, from Izzo Systems and Gianni Maddalozzo Ph.D, Head of the Sports Science Department; Oregon State University.


Shilley Sports Center, Scripps Clinic at La Jolla, California, implement the golf fitness programs designed by Larry Castro, Professional Golf instructor and Master PGFA Instructor, assisted by top training professionals Dr. Peter McKay, Dean Brittenham and Mike Burgner. Program development in the areas of flexibility, strength, ambidexterity, relax concentration, nutrition and mental preparation specific to golf. PGA golf symposiums on golf fitness and preventive injuries. Publishing of golf fitness articles.


Biomechanics and swing analysis program designed for increased flexibility and strength training for golfers.


Development of programs for athletes of the Federal International Volleyball Association (FIVA) x x


Athletic Development programs designed for amateur and professional golfers.


Physical therapy for the Canadian Open Golf Tournament and Athletic Development Training for volleyball players of the Women's Professional Volleyball Association (WPVA).