Custom Fit Your Body and Swing™

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Corporate Golf  Performance & Business

Use Powerful links between Golf & Business using Our for proprietary “Performance Lifestyle System™”.

The United States Golf Fitness Association ™ divisions uses golf performance as a learning metaphor.

Golf Fitness Development

USGFA™ programs- Customized Experiential Learning on the golf course!

USGFA™ programs- Teach executive teams how to maximize and boost their work performance. Deliver benefits in many areas of management, fitness.  and organizational development, from networking and performance enhancement to visioning and strategic planning. Integrating our experiential learning processes with golf is a winning combination for companies planning meetings at golf resorts and conference centers. The program is designed to help executives learn how to capitalize on strengths and recover and learn from mistakes.

USGFA™ programs utilize the natural links that exist between golf and business to translate experiences directly to the boardroom. We use are “ Performance LifestyleSystem™”

USGFA™ is success oriented. In golf, as in the boardroom, you can't focus on the past; this is a sure formula for failure. It doesn't matter what you did on your last shot, what matters is how you do on this one.

USGFA™ is conducive to business relationship development. In a recent Hyatt Hotel survey of golfing executives, 93% of respondents said that playing golf encourages establishing closer relationships, with both customers and teammates.

USGFA™ is a good way to judge corporate character; nearly 50% of executives interviewed agreed that the way a person plays golf reflects how he/she will conduct their business affairs. Someone who cheats on the greens will probably cheat in the boardroom.