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Power Ball Gamer  

Price $ 59.95

• Blue (Led's) light up

• Enclosed in a clear outer sphere

• 15,000 RPM

• Up to 40 lbs of Torque

• Speed Meter (included)

• Starter Cord

• Training CD

DynaMax Core Trainer 2!

Instantly, you'll start experiencing body sculpting variable dynamic resistance building within the machine's internal gyroscope, giving you a remarkable core and upper body workout in a fraction of the time.  Complete Core Workout -  Weighs less than 3.5 lbs - Up to 8,000 RPM - Produces 200 lbs Resistance - Training DVD - Wall Chart

$249.00 with Free Shipping

All orders receive a 15 minute consultation . Additionally, Core Trainer Orders receive a stretching manual for the month of February.

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