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1,200 per person includes:

Corporate Outing With Larry Castro Corporate Outing With Larry Castro
Mr. Castro founded the United States Golf Fitness Association, Professional Golf Fitness Association, and Golf Fitness Magazine in 1996 and is recognized as a successful golf and sports marketing strategist. In 1988 Mr. Castro created Golf Gyms of America, which was the world's first fitness center that specialized in golf fitness.
Larry Castro is a professional golfer instructor, player and PGFA Master Instructor. Larry Castro is the author of the revolutionary concept of Fluid Strength™ to perform better in golf and other sports. Rather than following traditional methods of teaching that include "piecing" out sports movements, Fluid Strength places mental and physical focus on continuous, fluid movements. Additionally, he has authored and created “Core Impact Golf™” and is the creator “Performance Lifestyle System™”and Golf Wellness Coaching”   

Larry Castro has worked with many of the top 64 players in the world and has an infomercial airing on Golf Channel with Ernie Els the #3 player in the world, and has been on NBC, CBS and ABC. He has also worked with three time LPGA winner last year Son Wan lee. He has been written up by PGA magazine, Parade Magazine, Southern California Golf, Golf Digest and other magazines around the World, and is a sought after motivational speaker. He has been a Keynote Speaker for the PGA of America over the past 5 years.

FSN Management (FSN) is the official management company of Larry Castro and handles his overall marketing and negotiation for endorsements, clinics, personal appearances, books and video tapes, television broadcasting agreements, schools and academies, and other opportunities. To schedule him email.

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